My First Facial

My first facial was at Cosmo and Company. The whole experience was nothing short of rejuvenating! I know as I inch closer to 30, that skin care will be one of my top priorities. You only get one face!


I've heard so many great things about Cosmo and Company, but had yet to get there, so when I got the opportunity to take advantage of their 'Spatober' deal, I jumped on it! I got the Silk Peel Dermal Infusion and the Fire and Ice facial! Abby focused on my problem areas and worked from my forehead all the way to my d├ęcolletage. The microdermabrasion, as we laughed about, felt like a cat licking my face over and over. But my favorite was the fire and ice mask she applied that smelled like those cinnamon brooms from Publix.


Even before I went for my facial, I ran into a friend was telling about their high quality products. She loves them so much that she ships her friends these once a month. You could tell as soon as the serums went on that my skin soaked it up.

Abby and I agreed that SPF was most important for my skin, considering all the freckles and that she lived by the iS Clinical 50+ sunscreen. The awesome part about Cosmo and Co is that you can get all the products there for home use too!


Check out their packages and specials! I'm sure I will see you there, seeing as I'm addicted to this pampering and loving my skin.