New Fall Inspired Designers

Moody colors, dramatic prints and longer lengths -- it must be fall. 


To be clear, "fall" in Florida is a solid 90 degrees this year. This ASTR the Label dress has it all: bell sleeves, lace details and a detailed neckline. 


I've never heard of ASTR the Label until I fell in love with these pieces at Simplicity in Mind, but they are my new favorite brand! Whimsical and modern fairytale like with prices that are affordable. 


ASTR Label is probably the softest piece of clothing that has ever touched my body, and like everything that I have from Simplicity in Mind, every piece feels luxurious.


Gentle Fawn is another brand that has grabbed my attention. Creative and interesting shapes and every dress they have is under $100!


This was the first shoot I convinced my hubby to do, and the whole time I was like, Will, HIGHER! More ANGLED! Lets go shoot over here! Make it look effortless! Capture me as a I spin!

Hahah! It was quite the marriage workshop to say the least. :)