Norcross Swim

It's always swimsuit season here in the sunshine state of Florida, and because of that never-ending rays, the constant need of cute (and new) swim suits are apart of the South Florida life! 


This is the justification I give to my husband atleast.


I recently did a photoshoot with Norcross Boutique, which is one of my all time favorite shops in West Palm Beach, and they just got in a ton of L*Space bathing suits. I'll be honest with you guys, L* Space is on the pricer of side of suits but this quality is CRAY nice and is nothing but complimentary. And lets get real, isn't that's all that is important?


I've always wanted to be brave enough to wear a white swimsuit but felt like you have to super tan to do so. That's what I like about this suit, its the best of both worlds. 


Added a fun, bright handkerchief for some added texture and sass!


The new thing is pulling up your bottoms like you are giving yourself a wedgie.. I'm not too sure about it. Just kidding,  I love it.


This suit has the perfect cheeky bottom. Just the right amount of cheek and coverage. 


Life is too short to not look like a goddess at the beach. Head over to Norcross and see the major selection they have over there of the most flattering, summer and fall season suits!


Outfit Details:

Black and white suit at Norcross

Palm pattern suit at Norcross

Necklace from Tiffany and Co

Handkerchief and Sunglasses from Urban Outfitters