Jade Roller

I have been dying to try this facial rolling trend for a while now and done research on finding the perfect roller, as I didn't want to spend money to roll a piece of green old soap all over my face. 


I was looking initially at a random one off of Amazon but then as I was putting on my favorite facial oil, I remember that Herbivore Botanicals had just released a rose quartz one!

I hadn't heard of a rose quartz roller so I DM'd them on Instagram. They instantly responded even though they have almost 180k followers and a giant, new partnership with Nordstrom.

After letting them know my dilemma and wondering more about the rose quartz roller, they gave me the stone benefits of both their rose quartz AND JADE ROLLER!

Rose - restores trust and harmony, encouraging self-love

Jade - known as the "dream" stone, helping gain personal insight and creativity, decreased anxiety and repels negative energy

nordstrom roller

After confirming that I will forever love Herbivore, I bought the jade roller. As soon as I ripped open the package, I rolled the stone, which was ice cold and it felt amazing after a hot vinyasa class!

The benefits of rolling are:

- helps with circulation

- prevents fine lines

- lymphatic drainage

How to use:

- apply a serum or oil to your skin ( I use the Lapis oil, linked below)

- you can keep your jade roller in the fridge for extra coolness

- you need to roll up and out, usually doing the same spot with a tiny bit of pressure, a couple times

I've been rolling my skin now for about a week and I can honestly say, that it makes a big difference in my skin. My all over skin looks refreshed, glowing and lifted! It's a nice little massage for your face, after a full day of smiling, talking and making crazy facial expressions! I also finish the super self-indulgent treatment with the blue tansy mask. 

Tagged below are the roller, lapis oil, and blue tansy mask, the perfect gift set for yourself or someone who would love a self-indulgent treat!