Neutrogena Light Therapy Mask

You know those trends that you just HAVE to try? Well Neutrogena came out this Light Therapy mask and I had to give it a try!

face mask

Day One of the mask. A simple plug-in to the handle switch and on the lights go! The lights aren't too bright and there are yellow protective sunglasses inside so can open your eyes if you want!

day one

After five days of the mask, I really hadn't seen any results. But the sixth day, I woke up and did see a pretty dramatic difference! My skin looked more clear and glowing. The directions for the mask say that using daily for 30 days will even skin tone, prevent acne and promote healthier skin.

day five skin therapy

Continuing the use of the mask for the 30 days has proven to be beneficial in more ways then one!

I will say the 10 minutes that the light therapy session was happening, it was in fact a therapy! It forced me to sit, relax and meditate every day, possibly paying tribute to my less agitated skin.

My skin tone evened out and definitely curbed my breakouts. Even if I had a few breakouts on the verge, I put on the mask and it was deterred if not completely gone.



Here is a hilarious video of two grandmas testing new beauty trends!


Overall, for $40 I think that mask was success! The 10 minutes of quiet time alone was worth the money! I did get to see an overall skin tone evening, less acne, less redness and had more of a glow by day 30.

I would highly suggest getting the Neutrogena Mask and see the results for yourself!

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