Two Minutes To Clearer Skin With Neutrogena

I partnered up with Neutrogena to show you how easy it is to get clearer skin!

No one likes pop-up’s, escpiceally pop up pimples! You guys know I love the light therapy mask from Neutrogena, it made such a difference on my skin, so I was excited to try the on-the-go light therapy acne spot treatment.

I am always in a rush and my skin can have a mind of its own and thus, the occasional blemish! I like how this spot treatment is not only effective but works quickly - you can do all kinds of things like brush your teeth, meditate and read a chapter or two, all while the light treatment works!

brush teeth

It only takes 2 minutes to zap your blemish, and you use it two to three times a day until it is gone. The light therapy is cool to the touch, even with the light on and the light doesn’t sting or heat up at all!

read a book

The light consists of two colors; the blue light which kills acne-causing bacteria and the red light reduces inflammation. All science aside, I’ve had three different blemishes in separate parts of my face and within the recommended application, the blemish was visibly reduced and on its way to vanishing.

Keep in mind that every skin type and zit is different so results can vary!