Embracing Your Imperfections

I've had these imperfections - these freckles, my whole life. In fact, I think more and more arrive on my body everyday! 

Growing up, they bothered me. I was the only person I knew who had a galaxy amount of these "spots". I looked around and wanted to be like everyone else with maybe one or two. I opened up magazines and never saw anyone with freckles. 

The freckles, coupled with the fact I had a stuttering problem, a giant gap between my two front teeth, and that I was extremely short made me feel like the odds were stacked against me at an early age. My formidable years were NOT my best cereal.


I don't remember exactly when I let go of these insecurities, these imperfections, but when I started to OWN these things that made me different, I found self pride.

Realizing that there is nothing I could do about my freckled spots, that, in fact, they made me one of a kind, brought that distaste to endearment. The nickname Freckles, that haunted me, became my anthem, and thus, I became @frecklesbml,  @frecklesyoga and The Freckle Spot. 


Now I look at pictures and see a woman who is not afraid of being unique. Who confronted her stutter and graduated with honors in Communication, who got her teeth fixed but still look up to Michael Strahan, Bridget Bardot, and Georgia May Jagger, and who shot up to a tall 5ft 3in, the perfect height for hugging my husband.

While there are days that these insecurities try and creep back in, remember that you can't have imperfections without the word perfect in it.


What are some of your perfect imperfections?