We Are Moving

The mountains are calling our name once again and we are moving to Denver, Colorado!!


It has been a wonderful four years here in West Palm Beach, but our lil family has made the decision to move West. The choice was very bittersweet as we love the life we have made here but change is always good for the heart and soul.

If you have known me or have been following me for a while, you'll remember we used to live in Boulder. While we loved being in the foothills of the mountains, this time we wanted to live in more of a city atmosphere. I've only been in Denver maybe two times, so I am a little scared of moving across the county to a city I have never really been to, but hey! why not.

moving buds

Will has a great job working with one of his friends and will continue to do graphic design on the side! Meanwhile, I have been applying to a bunch of digital media jobs and contemplating being a full time yoga teacher! eee!! 

adopt don't shop

Indee Jones has been in Colorado before and LOVES the seasons and snow. Mesa Lou -- I hope my little monster horse is as agile as she is cute and likes to hike.

This month has been both wonderful and crazy unearthing. As soon as we got back from a 9 day vacation to Iceland, we had to move out of our apartment, Will has had multiple week long work trips, and then here we are packing up the house once again and moving across the country. HAHA! Couple all that with working full time and teaching, I'm trying hard to keep up with the blog and my instagram.

The Freckle Spot is so precious to me and I hope you understand if my posts are mostly about how to properly pack a million clothes into one small sized uhaul box!

hitch hiking

We can't wait to start this new adventure and see how RAD life is as a ColoRADian!!

Cheers! If you have any fun suggestions of things to do in Denver or know any people I should be friends with, let me know!