Mile High Home - Bedroom

Its been about 2 weeks since we moved into our Mile High home and it's finally come together!

Making a house into a home and sanctuary has always been important to me. Moving across the country into an empty box tested every nerve in my body hah! Thanks to Amazon and my mom for helping me put together this Tulum inspired bedroom.

The Freckle Spot Home Tour

We splurged and got a King Sized memory foam bed from Zinus. I'm a notorious extreme cuddler and this bed makes it difficult for me to make the long trek over to Will's side! I'm still trying to convince him that now that we have this big bed, we should finally let the dogs up there.

Pairing the most comfortable bed with a crisp white quilt, a lux pom pom throw blanket and an accent tassel blanket.

The Freckle Spot Home Tour

I wanted the rug to be the subtle main focus (is that a thing?) and I think it played a pivotal point in the planning the essence of the room. 

The details in the rug were a medium grey so I got the cutest little geometric side lamps to match the aesthetic. 

The Freckle Spot Home Tour

I love a good metallic piece in a room and the brushed gold frames didn't make too much of a fuss while still making a statement. These instagram sized frames hold the most special moments of our Iceland trip.

The Freckle Spot Home Tour

Our frosted glass closet is so cool but doesn't exactly hold a lot of clothes, thus the dresser. This room is on the smaller size and adding a dresser made it difficult. We decided to get this tall Ikea wood dresser and eventually I would like to get better knobs for it, to make it match the room better.

The Freckle Spot Home Tour

Add a buddha statue, a salt lamp, some masks and a hanging plant and the room started to feel done!

The only thing left that I would like to work on is what to put on top of the dresser without it feeling cluttered. Any suggestions?? Stay tuned for the other part of our Mile High Home Tour!

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