Fall Sunglass Trends

How is it already August?! Fall is almost upon us and I couldn't be more excited to celebrate it with my clothing options. In South Florida, we have virtually no fall at all so now that we live in Denver, I can break out the ONE sweater I have! woohoo!

The weather here is slowly starting to cool down but nothing too dramatic, so I'm starting my fall wardrobe transition with my sunnies. I teamed up with Sunglass Up, an online company that makes super stylish frames for crazy cheap! (talk about a win-win)

These are my picks for Fall sunglass trends!

Starting off with the hottest trend, the "tiny cat eyes". I'm sure you've seen these on all kinds of celebs. I was hesitant at first but when I opened up the box from Sunglass Up, these were the first ones I grabbed.

the freckle spot sunglass up
sunglass up

Excuse me as I eat a donut while I show you how cute these Slim Oval 90's Cat Eye sunglasses are.......

the freckle spot sunglass up

Ok! Next pair of fall's trendy sunglasses are these tinted slim cuties. You'll definitely see the slim eyewear trend this season, which is crazy because all of my other sunglasses are MONSTER big haha! Also, the reason I like these are the tint, it adds a subtle pop to an otherwise basic outfit.

sunglass up
the freckle spot sunglass up

Finally, are these funky ones, the Sleek Diamond shape. My last pick for fall's trends are kinda out there. I saw these more as an accessory to a music festival or something.

sunglass up the freckle spot
the freckle spot sunglass trends

What do you think? Are you into any of these Fall sunglass trends?

You can grab a pair or two or three at Sunglass Up and use my code BAILEY20 for 20% off plus FREE shipping!! Tag @the_frecklespot in your pics and show me which pair you grabbed!