Mile High Home - Family Room

Home is where the heart is, and I really did put my heart and soul into this family room!

Mile High Home The Freckle Spot

I love a room that is light and airy; so whites, blues and wood textures were my color scheme. I headed over to to get 90% of the furniture because the selection was so great and I needed the goods fast! 

The anchor of the room is the couch, and we probably looked at, no lie, ten trillion couches. Sectionals, love seats, leather, grey, white, retro, sofa beds etc etc etc. We got close to pulling the trigger on this one type of couch from Amazon but knew that the Ikea VIMLE couch was a reliable and solid choice.

Mile High Home The Freckle Spot
Ikea couch The Freckle Spot

The beige couch became our foundation and then I turned my attention to the rug. Again we took to Amazon but couldn't find exactlyyy what I had in my head, instead we went to Wayfair. 

Wayfair has THE CUTEST things, and while they are normally a bit pricey for me, they had a huge sale going on so this huge rug was under $120!

Denver Home Tour The Freckle Spot

Next, my main focus was on the coffee table, but Will's was on the entertainment center. Luckily, we found a compromise and got both from the same company! A white, shiny top with interesting light wood bohemian features.

Home Decor The Freckle Spot

Dseperately needing more seating but also a strong color feature, we got two recliners. I liked these because they were cozy looking and slim for reclining chairs! I don't know why I am so anti layzboy-type chairs but these looked sharp and the reviews were so good that I caved.

BEST. PURCHASE!! These are comfy, stylish and my favorite chair to sit in.

With the bones of the room in place, the apartment was coming together but still lacked a certain home-ness.

Details like this white and silver lamp (that I've had since college!) and these magenta pom-pom pillows a pop of color and pizazz.

Amazon Decor The Freckle Spot

How cool are these pillows! I loved the texture and pattern of these cuties that I got at Tuesday Morning and Target. 

Again I took to Pinterest and got lost down the rabbit hole of how to decorate a wall space. I loved this one inspiration where they had a bunch of stacked white frames on shelves. We still have a lot to add here but this is a good start!

Decor The Freckle Spot

Will and I collect postcards from all of the places we have visited!

Details Decor

When we moved across the country, we had to give away a lot of our books, it didn't make sense to move a billion pounds of books across the country. Somehow we still had enough books to get a bookcase and I loved how this lil guy turned out. Perfect for our most favorite books and tiny knick knacks, this completed our family room.

Mile High Home Tour The Freckle Spot
Bookcase Details The Freckle Spot

Other small touches to our family room was this faux sitting nook we created -- and by sitting nook I mean, this corner above our fuse box haha! I initially wanted to hang a bunch of artwork in an interesting way but the fuse box and electricity got in the way of hanging anything. Plus all the colors of the art was SUCH an eye sore as soon as you walked into our house. All white paintings and frames was the perfect solution and made the focus our bedroom entry.

Corner Details The Freckle Spot

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our Mile High Home! There are still parts of our new house that I want to work on and add to (get a million more plants) but I'm so blessed to rest my head here every day. 

All of our furniture is linked below and you can find it posted on my Like To Know It! (aka hit my SHOP button at the top of this page and it will take you there!)

What do you guys think of our new apartment? Leave me a comment!