Fall Scents With Thymes

I love how a scent can transport you to a special time or place.

My go-to perfume has been this Thymes Kimono Rose that I got from Norcross Boutique in West Palm. It brings me back to the days where my BFF Gabby and I would go to the beach for photoshoots in the afternoon (cue all the tears).

When Thymes reached out and told me about their Forest collection I was so excited!! Living in Colorado, the air smells like a fresh forest but sometimes that smell doesn’t translate into our apartment. I’ll be real, it mostly smells like green curry and my dog's tennis balls haha!

Thymes The Freckle Spot

These Thymes candles smell soooo good. The Maple smells like Thanksgiving embodied in a candle. Warm and spicy, it brings me back to this one time we had my grandparents over for the holiday and we spent all day in the kitchen mixing and baking my Mom’s pumpkin pie and Grandma’s apple pie.

The Birch candle is light and airy, not too strong. If you have ever been to The One in Miami, it reminds me of that deeeeelish smell in there.

Thymes Forest Collection The Freckle Spot

My favorite is the Cedar candle. YOU GUYS… Christmas is my favorite time of year: the trees, the lights, the snow, the warm feels. The Cedar candle smells like all of that wrapped up into one. Ok, well it mostly smells like a Christmas tree but like I said, smells hold a lot of memories in them and I stashed this candle away so I can break it out in December.

Fall doesn’t always have to mean heavy scents, it can also be floral too! I’ve never had a diffuser in my house, I had an incident a while back that as I was adjusting the reeds, I dropped the vase and shattered it along with the very concentrated oil. The bedroom smelled great for about 6 months but the oil slick spot was a danger zone!

Diffuser Thymes and The Freckle Spot

Now a wiser, slightly less butterfinger adult, I’m ready to give it another go. I got the Goldleaf Gardenia diffuser and it was the perfect touch to my family room decor. It looks good and instantly made our family room smell like a scene from The Secret Garden. Not only does Thymes give you the vase and the reeds but they also give you a big refill bottle so you don’t get a one and done use out of it.

Gardenia Diffuser

To match the diffuser, I also got a MUCH NEEDED hand cream. Going from 100% humidity to 0% is tough on the skin, and momma needs her hands to look like a babies bottom if she’s ever going to be a hand model (insert Seinfeld joke here).

Thymes Hand Lotion The Freckle Spot
Hand lotion

I linked all the products I got from Thymes below, and whats really cool is that every purchase from the Forest collection, Thymes donates a portion of the proceeds to the American Forest foundation!