My Lash Journey

It has been quite the journey my friends.

grande lash

These lashes have seen long, never ending days and short, stubby terrible days.

Let me start from the beginning - birth. No, I’m just kidding!!

I am a fair and blonde haired beauty by nature and my lashes have always been super light in color. After working at a yoga studio where makeup melts off your face faster than you can read this sentence, I decided to go bare lash at work.

No mascara - there was no point!

As time got closer to my wedding and all the events that came with pre-wedded bliss, I was looking at Groupon and found out about eyelash extensions.

Honestly I was terrified. Like any new procedure where someone brings tweezers within millimeters of your eyes, I was so nervous. I met my lash queen friend, Danielle, and spent close to 3 hours a month with her as well as around $200. But I didn’t care - for me, it was worth it to not have to curl and paint my lashes everyday for work.

Three years into extensions I had to make financial cut backs and when deciding if I wanted the lashes of a goddess or a car for my hubby to get to work, I let go of the extensions. Then, a new love came into my life - Grande Lash.

God bless you Kedra, you bought me a bottle of Grande Lash and changed the game. Post extensions I had NUBS for lashes, like dots above my eyes! So I used that magical formula two/three times a day and saw them transform into something I could recognize as my lashes.

When my bottle ran out, I was tempted into trying glue on fake lashes, which was not practical by any means.

I then saw an insta video where a gal heated up flax seeds and applied the natural goop to her eyelashes twice a day. Her $4 solution definitely intrigued me and for almost 7 weeks I boiled, refrigerated, and applied stinky seed poop to my eyes. But nothing, like, nothing at all happened.

Fast forward to Christmas 2018. Most wives want diamonds, vacations, Louis Vuittons for Christmas - I wanted Grande Lash! I mean, I would take diamonds, vaca’s and LV’s anyway but….

Santa came through and I started the process immediately. They suggest you swipe the serum on your lashes once a day to see results in as little as 4-6 weeks!


Now at about 12 weeks in, I have the lashes I always wanted! They are long and thick and still growing! After one swipe on each lid, I use the leftover serum on my brows. Holy cave-man brows you guys. The lashes grow but my brow hair GROWSSS! haha! Multi-use product I’m telling ya!

Here is the day before I started Grande Lash, and below that is today! On my 12 week mark (no mascara or eyelash curler!!).


On the Grande Lash website, they say that 12 weeks is when you can (if you’re blind before that) for sure see all the benefits of the serum! Below is a pic of me with 12 weeks of Grande Lash under my belt and just ONE coat of mascara! This product is beyond amazing and I stand 100000% percent behind it.

grande lash results

Now that I get the unbelievable privedlge to work with Grande Cosmetics, they sent me the GrandeBrow! This new product that they have come out with is supposed to take your brows from an 90’s pencil thin baby brow to a 2000’s full gorgeous thick brow. I’m so excited to try the product and will give you a blog post update on that as well.

You can get your GrandeLash products at their website, Sephora retailers or below via my LikeToKnowIt!

I am alsooooo so excited to announce that I will be doing a GIVEAWAYYY on my instagram for these two amazing products - Grande Lash and Grande Brow. Head over there to get in on this action!