The Everyday Tank

The other day I roamed around the Free People store looking for something for under $50 - cuz legit that’s all I had in my wallet haha!

the freckle spot logo
the freckle spot logo

I tried on a bunch of things but I wanted just a basic, everyday, throw-on-look-fab piece of clothing. As I was walking out, I saw this Set Up Tank and loved it instantly.

I was going in between the golden yellow and the black; per usual, I went for the black.

the frecklespot

Inspired by the chic neck and the low back, I created these fun looks paired with a mix of “edgy” poses / cute Bae poses.

*posing in public with my tripod always rocks my nerves. I shouldn’t feel embarrassed, since this is part of my job, but I always get asked what I’m doing or I get a chuckle from passerby peeps. I know a lot of my fellow bloggers can relate, but I love what I do, no matter how silly it looks hitting a button on my phone, running to pose and then running back to my phone to see if I got the shot……..Hahaha ok, that is pretty funny.