Mornings With Bruush

*This is a paid post but the thoughts and ideas are my own.


Bruush, pronounced (broo-sh) isn’t like your average toothbrush subscription. I had gotten the Quip for Christmas and it was a major upgrade from my regular toothbrush, but this Bruush blew that out of the water!

The Bruush set comes with three refill heads, a wireless charger, and a travel holder.

They asked me to compare the Bruush to my Quip and honestly after I tried my new brush once, i was sold! So much so, that I emailed my contact and just said, wow!!!

bruush toothbrush

The toothbrush has multiple settings - I use the Gentle - and the bristles are super long so they get all the way up to the gums. It has the two minute vibration counter, similar to the Quip, which pauses in between every 30 seconds as a sign to change sides.

Post brushing, my teeth felt like I had been to the dentist! So smooth and clean and they looked whiter too! Even after one use!

I couldn’t wait to tell Will, my hubby, about this toothbrush and he got so jealous that he is stealing one of my changeable heads for himself haha!

Bruush was so kind that they gave me a discount code for you to use! SMILE20

Like I said at the beginning of this post, it is paid, but honestly guys, this toothbrush is the best one I have ever used and if you are looking for a great present for you and your gums - this is IT! They also have a 90 day return policy if you aren’t completelyyyy satisfied. Thats because they trust you will love it! And, they give a portion of every subscription sale to A Reason To Smile, which supports dental health in Africa! How cool is that?!

bruush toothbrush