Spotify Playlist Of The Week

Ever since I went from Pandora to Spotify, my life has never sounded the same. How did I ever listen to all of those commercials?! Heres the link to my profile!

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 2.19.04 PM.png

Being a yoga teacher and music lover, I make playlists all the time. Spotify makes it super simple and even creates a weekly, giant playlist based on what I've been listening to. 

My style in music changes from month to month so its cool to go back in my public playlists and see what people who have listened, responded to. 

If you have been in one of my yoga classes or just want to fun music to listen to - check out my Spotify! Bailey Smith is my username.

My playlists of the week is up on the app now! I was feeling more chill and  hip-hop this week! Hope you enjoy!

Do you guys use Spotify? What is your favorite music listening app?