Holiday Party Outfit Guide

The holidays are LITERALLY right around the corner and the parties are continuing until January 1st!


Sparkles are not just for NYE but can be festive for December 1st - 30th too! This Show Me Your Mumu is so amazing and will be a showstopper wherever you go!


The swingy dress is short enough to wear with over the knee boots or with cute little booties! 

It was no joke, 35 degrees outside, when photographer extraordinaire Taylor Volkens and I shot this and I added tights to keep the hypothermia away! Normally I wouldn't wear tights with over the knee boots (it kind of defeats the purpose of the boot I think?) but it was so cold I thought the focus would be only on the dress and not the lower half.

I like that this Show Me Your Mumu dress doesn't scream New Years. I'm not a big advocate for the holiday so anything that can whisper .. new years ... I'm into.

knot sisters

Next up, is a brand is called Knot Sisters. I hadn't heard about them before I went into Vagabond Apparel in Palm Beach Gardens. Knot Sisters clothing is SO cute and all reasonably priced for being made with such nice, luxe facbrics!

I love a good two piece set, so this green beauty of course, caught my eye.

knot sisters
two piece

so classy.


Not all holiday outfits have to be the idealistic sparkles, silky, and sexy black dress. In Florida, I feel like we get a lot of fashion luxuries and exceptions to the "rules". 

While not exactly a holiday outfit, I thought this satin floral set was special enough to wear to your special event.


This set is so multi-use (obviously Bailey, its a set) but recently I have been getting back into the matching sets

Do you guys remember when matching was sooo lame? I was just having this conversation with a friend and we figured out that when Victoria Secret started to do the bathing suits NOT sold as a set, was when mix-and-matching became all the rage. 

I'm glad thats over because the mix and matching was exhausting! ha!


Paired this outfit, that I'm dyinnggg over, with this Grace and Glory backpack purse. That with some gold kicks is the outfit that I will most likely be rocking when the clock hits midnight.


What about you? What outfit is your choice for the holidays?


You can get all of these outfits and more at Vagabond Apparel. Elizabeth and her team of sweethearts are such a great help in finding you the perfect outfit. Check them out or hit the links for a direct purchase!


Outfit details and links!

Outfit one: Show Me Your Mumu dress, Target over the knee boots

Outfit two: Knot Sisters top and Knot Sisters bottom, Kristalize jewelry

Outfit three: Show Me Your Mumu top, Show Me Your Mumu bottom, Grace and Glory backpack, H&M sneakers