9 Yoga Poses Before Bed

Sometimes, Sleepytime tea isn't enough. As a big propionate for yoga in general, a few light stretches might be the perfect thing to get you to those zzz's.

Here are 9 yoga poses that are designed to relax your mind and body, getting you ready for a deep sleep. Try a few or all of these poses around 15-30 minutes before bed for a week and see the results!

Lets start with a few simple Cat / Cow poses. 

Coming to your hands and knees, shoulders stacked on top of wrists, hips stacked on top of knees, drop your belly and inhale as you look up. Then, exhale as you round your upper spine, press into your palms and drop your head and neck. Do this a couple of rounds with your breath. Inhaling as you drop the belly, and exhaling as you round the spine.

cow pose

Next is a Seated Forward Fold.

Take a seat with your legs extended forward. Remove any "goodness" from behind you so you feel your sits bones rooted into the mat. Inhale, lift your arms up and reach forward towards your toes, lengthening your spine before dropping your head down to your knees. Make sure your toes are flexed the whole time. Take 7-10 breaths here.

forward fold

Once you have taken atleast 7 big breaths, make your way onto your back, preparing for Shoulder Stand.  

Begin on your back with your arms by your side on the floor. Lift your legs into the air and bring your hips stacked directly over your shoulders. Bend your elbows, keeping them shoulder width apart with your palms to your lower back. Imagine a line from your toes right down to your shoulders. Keep a slight lift in your chin and gaze up to your belly button. After a few breaths, bring your toes behind your head, dropping your arms straight, palms down on the mat.

As you leave the pose, roll down your spine slowly and stay flat on the mat for at least 5 breaths.

shoulder stand
plow pose

Slowly scoot over to a wall and prop your legs up. 

Bring your seat as close to the wall as you can and then prop your legs up. I like to start by keeping mine about hip width distance apart and eventually straddling the wall, keeping my feet flexed the whole time. Stay here for 5-7 minutes if you can.

legs up wall

Bring yourself away from the wall and back to your mat for Happy Baby.

Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet raised to the ceiling so the soles of your feet face up. Open your legs slightly wider than hip width and hook your big toes or outsides of your feet and pull your heels towards you. Keep your tailbone down on the ground and rock side to side.

happy baby

Ease into these final resting poses...starting with Reclined Butterfly pose.

Bring the soles of your feet together dropping them to the floor, opening your knees up like a book. With your left hand to your heart and your right hand to your belly, begin to breathe.


And finally, Savasana / Corpse pose.

Lay on your back and let your legs and arms drop open, palms facing up. Lift your chest to snuggle your shoulder blades down your back. With every exhale release all the tension from your body. Close your eyes or use a towel to cover your eyes. Stay here in this final pose for the length of at least 5 - 7 minutes, or two - three songs if you have music playing.


Now, you are ready for bed. Goodnight yogis!


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