Apple Watch Apps You Need

I just got an apple watch for Christmas and I'm loving all the things you can do with it!!

apple watch

I feel like everyone has an Apple Watch now, and while I only have the first edition watch, you can do so many cool things with it! Anything from fitness to note taking to games is right at the edge of your fingertips!

The list of my favorite Apple Watch apps:

Fitness Tracker - Free - This app comes standard with all the Apple watches and serves as more of an overall health and wellness app, instead of a pedometer. The ring's measure your standing, exercise and moving. I like to glance at the app here and there but I'm not entirely sure it is accurate. When I first got it, it was saying that my normal day of non stop walking and lifting things for work was only getting me 20-35% of my regular day activity. It wasn't until I was teaching one or two yoga classes that I "hit my goal". When doing research for this blog, it says your apple app learns what your normal day looks like and continues to challenge you to do more, and be more active, raising the limits of your normal day.


Spotify Track Player - Free - While there is no official Spotify playing app, this app lets you control your music playing on your phone straight from the watch. It reminds me of an iPod shuffle as you can't do too much from the interface. Convenient for when you are over a song and don't feel like finding your phone to change it.


One Note - Free - This cool note taking app works with your mac or pc and syncs with your iPhone or iPad. I use mine to make honey-do lists for Will, blog ideas or my never ending grocery lists.


A Tiny Game of Pong - $1.99 - Sometimes you need a simple, old school game of ping pong break from work. The 1972 game has been modernized to fit onto your watch.


Pennies - $3.99 - Pennies is the simplest of budgeting apps! Voted by Apple as one of their top apps, you record you spending per day and compare it to the budget you set yourself. Instead of keeping your receipts and adding them to your budget (wait, does anyone still get receipts?) at the end of the week, you can log them as you go and keep up on your goals. Raise your hand if you swipe your card and say a prayer that it doesn't decline. Try this app out and see your pennies become hundreds!

apple watch

Elevate Dash - Free - A fun game teaser set of games that keeps your brain sharp. Similar to my NEW FAV GAME, HQ! This app lets you test your vocabulary, writing and math skills with short 20 second game bursts and lets your review your progress. 


Tamagotchi Classic - $3.99 - TAMAGOTCHI!!!! Enough said right? Who else remembers in school doing everything we could to take care of our tamagotchi and keep it alive? Ah those were the days, now as an adult we  have real life tamagotchi's aka babies or pets, but its still a fun app to have for a bit of time.


dog cameo

Sorry had to throw in this cameo of Mesa, who just wanted to be apart of the action. (heart melting)

Just Press Record - $4.99 - I get that five bucks seems high for a recording device but have you ever been trying to record that song to shazam if but in the time it takes to get out to phone and get to the app, the song is over? What about when you are in a sticky situation and need to record that sh*t?! You need this recording app.


What app do you have that you like?

Photos by: Chelsea Erwin

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