New Years Resolutions For A Great Morning



Getting a fresh start, each day, each YEAR, is so fun to me. The phrase "new year new me" doesn't have to be construed as negatively shaking off the past year, but it's a fun way to challenge yourself to begin fresh. 

Each day on January 1st, my husband Will and I write our One Year, Three Year, and Five Year goals. We have done this since 2014 when our good friends Gerry and Nicole told us that they did this. You write short and long term goals for yourself and when it comes time for the next year, it is a really special thing that you get to look back at together. 

While we haven't had time to do ours yet, I did make a list of small ways to make mornings better.

Mornings are my favorite time and they really set the tone for your whole day. Here are five tips to add to your morning, to make it the best day!

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Mornings are best enjoyed when you aren't rushing out the door! Getting up even just 15 minutes earlier than your normal, lets you take your time enjoying a cup of coffee, having a conversation in bed, or going for a quick jog. Set your phone on the other side of the room so you have to get up to get it. I find that once my feet hit the floor, I'm officially up - and so are my crazy dogs. Every night I set my coffee maker to go off 3 minutes before I get up, so that the smell of coffee waifs into my nose right as I open my eyes - haha!



That way, you aren't constantly checking it to see if someone is texting you. You will be able to hear it. I recently got an apple watch so I put that on in the morning and don't have to worry about missing a text or call from work, but am not a slave to looking at my phone. 

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First things first, before any delish coffee hits your lips, chug a whole glass of water. Not only does it start your gut health and metabolism off right, but it settles any dehydration and tummy issues right off the bat. I've been trying to add a little bit of lemon in my water to really kick off the daily detox.



Every morning growing up, my Mom made us make our bed before we left the house and it stuck with me. My day doesn't seem to start unless I make the bed and tidy up the house. And since most nights I come home late, it is one less thing I have to do after working all day. Also, real life, I have to do the dishes otherwise Florida critters (aka roaches) like to make base camp in our kitchen sink.



Will and I are extremely lucky that we get to drive to work together every morning. I am 10000% a morning person and Will is 10000% not, so I truly believe that he turns on the radio as soon as the car starts, just to have a few minutes of me not talking but... We listen to the KVJ show on 97.9 and it inevitably ends with us laughing so hard the entire car ride. If we walk to work or drive separately, Will is listening to his favorite podcast, This American Life, and I am listening to my fav Spotify playlists. These simple pleasures are the key to finding a way to slowly relax as you have to head into your day. Whether its music or the radio or maybe even silence! Anything to distract you as you fight the crazy morning traffic is beneficial.


Cheers to a great 365 days of wonderful mornings in 2018!

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