Yumi Kim For The Win

Yumi Kim is known for her everyday elegance, beautiful shapes and florals that do the feminine look justice. That's a win-win!

yumi kim

This long maxi dress has the capability of being classy and discrete, to showy and angelina-leg-at-the-academy-awards-esque.

yumi kim

Paired with this new design from Sea Lustre, you can't help but be swept away by. I love Sea Lustre for her pearl jewelry but this new design aesthetic that she came out with, might just be my favorite. Combining edgy with the soft features of the pearls -  le gasp!


Can you feel my pain here? 

 Taylor Volkens ( who is the nicest photographer everrr ) and I shot early Sunday morning when it was, no joke, 35 degrees and the wind felt like -35000 degrees.

But I would say it was worth it!


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