Binge Worthy Hulu/Netflix Shows

Wikipedia defines binging as: indulging in an activity, to excess. Bailey defines it as: falling upon a show and watching it whenever I can, as fast as I can.


Below are the shows that I'm loving right now (the past two months) that I have personally previewed for all of you (that's how I justify things) and approved.

The Punisher (Netflix) is a Marvel show, which I'm not really into all the super hero type shows but I didn't see that until I was halfway through the series. Unlike most super hero series, you don't have any cheesiness, or super powers..just a really good story and characters.

Frontier (Netflix) has Jason Momoa, and thats all you need to know! I solely started watching this based on my love for Game of Thrones' Khal Drogo. While its not the best writing, I did like the historical aspect and a few characters - but again, mostly for Jason. ha!

The Handmaids Tale (Hulu) HOLY MOLY! Stop reading this blog and start watching this series. It is so creepily good and they really do an amazing job of drawing you in. With some familiar faces, every episode is like an emotional rollercoaster in this thriller that is based on a book.

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The Crown (Netflix) is everything I thought I had built in my mind plus more about the royal family. I love a television show that I can pause and look up historical facts on and you add in the royals, which I can't get enough of as it is, and you get a great show! Apparently, the royal family just recently released a bunch of information and footage into their past lives and they took that and ran for this series. They just released the second season and I blew through that in about a week. A great show that you need to sit down and watch.

Blackish (Hulu) is a show that Will and I started a while ago but it never fails to make us laugh till we cry, but also walk away with a newfound respect for others. I really have learned a lot from this show and will continue to tell people to watch it for its many positive attributes.

Travelers (Netflix) a future / present type thriller that is sci-fi but also not sci-fi? I watched the first season a long time ago and just finished binging  the second season this past week, and I can't stop watching it! A story within a story within multiple stories, sounds like it could be too much to take in but they make it work. I love the development of the characters and how it all comes together in the end... this plus much more, makes this series a must see!

What are your favorite shows that you JUST. CANT. GET. ENOUGH. OF??