New Year Goals

2019 is less than a week away which means its time to refresh your goal list!

New Years Day is probably one of my favorite holidays for a multitude of reasons, specifically as a time to hit restart on your personal goals and aspirations.

The Freckle Spot New Years Goals

A long time ago, my hubby Will and I started a tradition of making a 1 year, 3 year and 5 year goal list. We filled these lists with personal, career and even silly goals that we wanted to try and accomplish in the coming years.

But we also took New Years Day as a time to reflect on the past years goals and see how far we had come. I think so many people forget to take a second and look back at the great things they have done before the fly past it and look ahead. Don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back for the things you have checked off the list!

Yandy and The Freckle Spot

This past year we made a huge jump and moved across the country! Mental as well as physical health became a major focus for me and I want to continue that for the upcoming year. I’ve incorporated HIIT (high intensity interval training) to my mostly yoga workout routine and it has made such a difference!

I’ve made a list of a couple easy ways to make your/my 2019 resolutions stick:

The Freckle Spot
  1. Make a routine and stick to it! When I clear a time in my schedule for my morning BBG workout, I make sure, like any other task, that I do it. When I just say, today I’m going to workout, I more often than not, don’t accomplish it as it seems like a vague/if I get to it task. For me, 8:30am is my time to workout - no excuses!

  2. Outfit yourself! It might sound silly but nothing gets me in the workout mode more than a new workout shirt or leggies haha! You know what I’m talking about!

I partnered up with Yandy who has the cutest activewear clothes to help keep me accountable in my 2019 fitness goals.

Active wear

Yandy might be mostly known for their sexy nighttime pieces but their activewear needs some major recognition too! From super soft hoodies (which I’m wearing right now and have worn all week) to sports bras that hold up the gals and leggings that are not “just another pair of black leggings” all at an affordable price!

Get ready to accomplish your fitness goals for 2019 with 20% off your Yandy order with the code: thefrecklespot20


3. Make your goals some actually realistic! This might sound negative, but it's not! Saying you want to eat healthier is a huge and vague task, so why don’t you say, I want to eat more healthy Monday through Friday. Or say, I want to eat a salad atleast once during the week. Those are goals you can definitely stick to without killing yourself to accomplish it!


4. Check in with yourself on Sunday! Sundays are meant for rest and for me, Sundays are a chill day to sleep in, hang out with friends and end the day with a face mask and looking at my calendar. On Sunday I’m not stressed so I can look at my week with clear eyes. I like to write a focus word at the top of my calendar that sets the tone for the upcoming week. Here I can look back at my week and see the things I checked off my list and things I need to focus more on.

I hope this blog post helped give you some jumping off points to make your 2019 the best it can be! What are some of your ways to hit ‘restart and refresh’ on your goals?

*Post is sponsored by Yandy and their new line of kickass athletic wear! Discount code is up above in bold!

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