Charity And Wooden Ships Knits

I partnered up with an amazing brand, Wooden Ships, that inspired me to give to charity.

The Freckle Spot x Wooden Ships

When Wooden Ships first reached out to me, I liked the picture of the sweater they were going to send me but that’s all I knew of the brand.

But as I dug deeper into their company, I was SO impressed with their mission and what drives their company!


I felt connected with the owner’s story of how they fell in love with Borneo and Bali; taking with them the cool, casual chic of knits and adding their incredible quality. Wooden Ships continually donates to many charities that protect those jungle environments as well as the orangoutangs that initially brought them to Borneo. They, along with other members of a group called Avaaz, took their love for helping others even further and purchased a huge chunk of the rainforest in Borneo to protect its inhabitants.

They make every GORG sweater to order so there is no wasted time, materials or stock sitting around. They take care of their Bali employees and have a phenomanaly low return rate due to their attention to detail - and let me tell you, the sweater I got is SO warm, SO cozy and SOOO soft.

Their story and what they have done to enrich other’s lives brought me to action.

Wooden Ships Knits

In Denver we have many homeless people and they scatter the streets asking for food or coats for warmth. As soon as I read about Wooden Ships, I knew I had to do something for the people here in Denver.

Earlier this week, I sold a bunch of clothes at Buffalo Exchange and used the money I received to go to Subway and bought a handful of gift cards. I then went around Denver and whenever I saw a person asking for food, I gave them a gift card. I told them my favorite sub recipie, (Veggie sub on wheat with lettuce, onion, cucumbers with extra extra banana peppers and chipotle southwest sauce all the wayyy!) and to go get something warm to eat.


I wrote this blog post and then debated on sharing it. I felt that posting it would compromise the simple act of caring for others.

But this morning as I put on my Wooden Ships sweater (for the 3rd day in a row - don’t judge), I knew I was going to share. Maybe in hopes that this would inspire someone else to show love and charity to others!

All of this to say, I admire Wooden Ships for what they stand for and what they produce - quality and love. I’m so glad I got to work with them and for the inspiration to help out in my “Borneo rainforest” aka Denver.

*This post is in no way sponsored by Subway, I just really like my banana pepper sandwiches haha!

Here is direct link to my sweater (here!) and below are the links to my other outfit items!