Stocking Stuffer Ideas

My favorite part of Christmas growing up was opening up the stockings!

We had to open up our stockings last and they always proved a great surprise based on my parents creativity.

The perfect stocking stuffer gift is an easy please. Don’t overthink it, that’s what makes the stocking gifts so light and fun! Below are some inspiration ideas for everyone on your list!

**I had so many fun ideas for you to stuff into your stocking that I couldn’t make it fit into one collage! So I separated them out into Her & Him (but most of them are unisex!)

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for her

Stocking Stuffers for Her:

1. Free People Bralette - I have this bralette and I wear it all the time! It looks cute with a sweater off your shoulders as well!

2. The Wet Brush - This is a game changer for brushing your hair. The bristles don’t break your hair even when it’s a wet rats nest!

3. Double Faux Poof Beanie - The double poof’s are big for this season. You know the saying “the more the merrier!”

4. The Slip Silk pillowcase - This is what I’m hoping for for Christmas! The silk helps prevent wrinkles and damage to your hair as well!

5. Furry Robe - I have never had a robe, but lately I’ve been craving just throwing one on post shower as I get ready for my day instead of immediately changing into my clothes. This one is cozy and not too long.

6. Winc Wine Subscription - I recently became a Winc partner and I couldn’t be more excited!! This is the stocking stuffer that keeps on giving! You take a quiz to get matched with your ideal wine and they send you 4 bottles that are designed for your taste! So stop those trips to the liquor store, and have your Netflix, Face Mask and Wine time with ease!

****Click on the hyperlink above to get a $22 discount on your first box and complimentary shipping (that's 4 bottles of wine for $40)!!

7. Hair Bands - People go crazy over these! The look cute when they are on your wrist and are perfect for making your pony stay in place.

8. Anthropologie Frenchie mug - enough said.

9. Fuzzy slippers - HOW CUTE ARE THESE?! Target does it again with these! They come in purple and cream and I’m praying the cream ones are in my stocking! size 7.5 please santa!!

10. Jade roller - You guys know I love my facial roller and the results are cooling (if you keep yours in the fridge like me) and face lifting. You can start your morning off with your skincare routine and finish off with a massage.

Stocking Stuffers for Him:

Stocking Stuffers for Him

1.Fuzzy House Slippers - I would buy these for Will but he would wear them out and about haha!

2. Long Handle Dry Brush/Loofah - Ladies, we have loofahs and sponges but I thought this is something that men would actually use! Plus it looks like a back scratcher which I get my dad every year.

3. L’Occitane Body Wash - this smells LIKE HEAVENNN! But then again, anything from L’Octtaine is great.

4. Popsockets - You can get personal here and be practical as well. They have millions of designs or you can personalize with your giftee’s name!

5. Tie Pack - You can never have enough ties and these are classy and sassy.

6. Adidas Baseball Hat - I’ve seen these around this season and I’m real into them. I like the basic black color but its also handsome in white.

7. Potty Put-Put - I just made up that name for this game but I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love this while “doing their business”.

8. Quip Toothbrush - Will and I have been wanting this toothbrush for ages! Our friend came to visit and we both yelled IS THAT A QUIP?! The fact three 30 year olds got so excited about a toothbrush should tell you that they are great for gifts and for yourself! I partnered with them for this gift guide and I’m so excited to show you that they are perfect for stocking stuffers. Check out my insta story for more details on this brush!

9. Antler Decanter - Classy AF.

10. Silly Socks - How fun are these socks? Everyone needs socks, why not make them fun to wear?

I hope you enjoyed!! You can also find all these on my Like To Know it page HERE!