A Cold? No Thank Flu

This past week I had the flu and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

One minute you are boiling hot and the next you are an icicle. Every bone hurts, plus, eating and drinking seems like too big a task to handle. The feeling of getting hit by a truck lasts for days and it's just the pits.


I grew up with parents who, when presented with a..."I don't feel good".. responded by saying "Buck up, you're fine!" 

While that may seem harsh to some, I can confidently say that it made me avoid years of sickness. Partly because I never believed I was sick. My poor husband has now become the recipient of those "buck ups" and "you're fine" 's. Haha sorry Will!

But, while I did grow up in a no-nonsense house, we also lived pretty holistically. I have never gotten the flu shot and subsequently never had the flu. So many people do get the shot and after this week of flu hell, I can totally understand why you would want to avoid it!

I never take any medicine unless I have gotten to the end of my rope - this includes aspirin too! I just don't like, it. I don't want to get reliant on any kind of medicine. I strongly believe in giving my body the tools it needs in food and rest, and let the body do its job. The stories and things I've seen from antibotics and pills confirm my personal decision to avoid pharmiculicals. 

flu prevention

As soon as I started to feel bad with this flu, I broke out my two trustworthy oils. Coupled with vitamin c, this is my go-to for fighting off sickness before it sets in.

The OnGuard beadlets are microscopic but have a big UMPF! This oil, that I take internally as well as diffuse (for a great spicy woodsy smell) supports the bodies natural immune system and is a major antioxidant helper. A couple of these bad boys when I start to feel not so great, gets me back on my feet within a day.

The other thing I do, is put oregano oil on my feet and slip on socks. While you will smell like a mexican restaurant, the antioxidants that this oil carries is out of this world, and you can feel it right away. I put this on Will's feet when he gets stuffed up too, as it is amazing for respiratory function too!

essential oils

I've only used doTERRA, so I can't speak to any of the other brands but keep these oils in your cabinet and use for those days you just feel 100%.

5 days later and while I'm still tired I'm back to normal! What are your go-to's when you are sick?