Self Care Sunday

Sundays are for relaxing and I have been making a real effort to make sure that I take one day to treat my self.  

By starting the day off slow and easing out of bed for cup of coffee, to keeping my phone on silent for the first hour, are just a couple ways to make your weekend, chill. I love how things just move slower on Sunday and the world just seems a little more quiet.

After a cup of joe on my front porch, Will and I try to get in a good breakfast, whether it's eggs and avocado toast at home or brunch with friends. We keep the TV off and work on our hobby projects which include graphic design for Will and my favorite hobby, skincare.

This past Sunday was like most Sundays, luxurious. I just got a bunch of new skincare products to make any SCS (self-care sunday) truly count and I thought I would share with you guys!

Every Sunday I try to take a long hot bath with my favorite Dr. Teals lavender epson salts and listen to music. After I've boiled myself through and through, I wanna keep that moisture in, so I use my Monastery lapis body oil. One of its main ingredients is squalane oil, which is in so many of my personal favorite skincare products, because of its lightweight and firming properties. 

monastery skin care

Next I focus on my face and spray Monastery's hydra spray. I've been using this hydrating and cleansing spray in between my yoga classes this past week and LOVED the results. As a yoga teacher, I sweat a lot and don't always have the time to wash my face, so this spray was perfect as an in between. Highly suggest! I also really like the Monastery line because of the backstory; the founder's grandmother pressed her own oil and made the yet to be improved on holistic recipes. So cool!

Post spray, I use my derma roller which I need to do a blog post on soon! This little tool opens up the pores and promotes collagen growth to heal skin. After a 3 minute roll of this puppy, I put in my teeth whitening trays and put on a face mask.

I got some blogger mail from Selia and Co which included a Jasmine Green Tea facial steam and Peppermint Green Tea mask and I was pumped to try it all out!

selia and co

I boiled up some water and scooped a teaspoon of the flower mixture into the pot and let it soak in for a minute or two. I grabbed a towel and made a little tent over the steaming concoction and got in a great 5 minute mediation! My skin looks SO FREAKING FRESH post facial so after I washed off the peppermint mask, I ran to my mirror and it looked like I just woke up from the best nights sleep. Selia & Co. has found a forever customer in me. They pride themselves in providing raw, all natural vegan products in recyclable glass jars!


I close out my Sunday with reading my favorite book or a long walk with the pups by the beach. I hope your Sundays are just as relaxing and that you carve out an hour or two to take care of yourself.

I added clickable links so you guys can see all the great products that these brands have to offer to make your Sunday amazing!