My Favorite Beauty Products

I love trying new beauty products, but there are those few things that I always go back to. 

When my friend Sara posted that she needed a list of go-to beauty, I took up the challenge. Below is a list of my tried and true skincare products!


I've been using all of these beauties for atleast two to three months and are not only thrilled with the results, price and packaging but also the great ingredients!

I'm going to go through each product and explain why I love them and how to use them, but you can directly buy them for yourself at the bottom of the post!


First up  is this Boscia POWERHOUSE of an eye cream. After being suggested from a makeup artist, I am beyond hooked. The light cream can be used AM/PM and before you apply your makeup. HOLY SH*T guys, I've never seen an eye cream that works so fast, is light weight and for an affordable price.

doterra lip balm

I use lip balm all the time - I call it lip chap (don't ask me why lol). I've done the whole Burts Bees and other ones but this DoTerra one is my favorite. It smells amazing but it leaves my lips truly refreshed and soft! I though I lost it for a while and was SOOO upset! Don't worry, I found it and was thrilled! 

glossier sunscreen

We all know we should be wearing sunscreen everyday, especially us South Floridians. This seemed great in theory but I work in a hot. yoga. studio. Every time I got a sunscreen it melted off my face and left me more grossed out than anything. I had never gotten anything from Glossier until this and YOU NEED THIS. It comes out in the perfect amount and is absorbed into my skin instantly! 35+ is just enough to still get some color but strong enough to where I have worn it outside for a while and never got burnt. Dermatologists rejoice!!


I bought these samples on a whim a while ago, and have used it everyday since! This newer to the game brand, Biossance uses squalane oil. I've been seeing this oil popping up everywhere and after using it non-stop, i can see why! This article on squalane is great!! Fast absorbing, super hydrating and Biossance added vitamin c rose oil which is SOO good for brightening and anti aging. I usually use the squalane and vit. c in the morning and the other two at night when I have more time to let it absorb. The best time to wash your face and add all your oils is proven to be at 8pm (this is the best time for absorption and assisting the skin and collagen rejuvenation!).


This might look like water, but the Monastery Hydra spray is my daily go to when I'm teaching yoga classes. I don't always have time to wash my face so this spray is a little refresher and I just feel cleaner after using it. Besides the gorgeous bottles and labeling, I love the company and what they are about.


GAHHH I love Herbivore Botanicals! I'm not even kidding, when they announced on their instagram that they were available at Sephora, I ran to my car and sprinted to buy all the products I could! I have their jade roller, the lapis oil and this miracle in a bottle, the blue tansy face mask. After using this a couple times before a photoshoot day, my skin looked like I had gotten a mini peel. Refreshed and more of an even tone!

Grande Lash

I gave up on eyelash extensions about a year ago. While I miss them so much, the upkeep financially and time wise, it was the right decision. As soon as I got them off I started using Grande Lash. Post lashes I had KNUBS for lashes. Not even knubs, I had dots for lashes! I started using this every day and my lashes grew so freaking fast! I hit the bottom of my Grande Lash bottle here, about a week ago and starting to sweat haha, The thing about these serums is that they are super affective but you have to continue to use them to keep those lashes. While mine are longer than normal, I definitely need to re-order today!!


I hope you guys liked this post! I truly 1000% believe in all of these products and would suggest you try them out for yourself. I have tested so many products but these will forever be on my counter.  Below is link for each product (except Monastery - that is linked in the paragraph about them).

Enjoy beauties!!