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Your smile is the window into your soul. But what if your smile is making your window look like it's in a yellow sepia tone?

A crisp white smile has always been important to me. I want my smile to blind people! As a gal who loves coffee and wine, its tough to remove all of those stains. 


One of my biggest gripes with regular whitening stripes is that they don't reach my far back teeth or they don't get in all of the nooks and crannies. I've done whitening strips for a long time but the results don't get my teeth super white, or last for a long time. And at $60 a pop, that gets pricey!

I recently started using Smile Brilliant, which makes whitening your teeth so easy! Did I mention their products are cruelty free and vegan? The gels are vegetable based. what!? yasss.... Ok sorry, moving on to the details!

Problem, meet solution
smile brillant

Smile Brilliant is all about personalized whitening. The process begins with asking you about your types of stains: coffee, wine, smoking, soda drinker etc. Once they put together the perfect formula for you, Smile Brillant sends you this blue/white goop that lets you form a mold to your teeth, thus, a unique and personal whitening tray. A couple days after you send these molds back in their prepaid envelope, you receive your box of goodies!

The process is pretty simple! You squeeze a little of the whitening gel into your teeth trays and then leave them in as long as you can.

The instructions call for 45 minutes  - 3 hours but I usually do it for 30-45 minutes and then take it out. Using your toothbrush, gently wipe your gel off. Clean your trays and then squeeze a tiny bit of the desensitizing gel into the the trays. You leave that gel in for about 15 minutes and voila! 

teeth whitening

This product is really great because you can see the difference right away!

Your teeth can be a little sensitive afterwards so if that's the case, then lay off the whitening for a day or two. 

Also make sure to not eat or drink anything for at least 30 minutes after so your results are the best they can be! 

My hands-on teeth whitening consultant, Abby, checked in on me and even answered questions I had as I went through the process! So sweet!!

smile brillant 2

The process can be a little arduous but if you do it consistently for two-three weeks you will be shocked at your new pearly whites! I am a really busy, so the consistency of the whitening process was a little hard for me but even with not following the directions to the exact tee, I was happily pleased with my results!

Still not sure if self whitening is for you? Check out this link to find out the 7 things to know before buying teeth whitening.


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