Workout Spotify Playlists

Spotify playlists

Need some motivation? Pump up the JAMS!

Phewww! It has been the longest month ever. January was going to kick start my year of working out yet here I am, January 28th and have worked out maybe 4 times. But that’s ok! Instead we had a bunch of friends and family come into town and I ate my weight in fried food and drank more beers than I should’ve - but it was worth it being around friends!

The Freckle Spot playlists

Something that always gets me going is music. I’ve always loved putting in my headphones and blasting music that made me feel like dancing or zen’ing out. This past month, while I haven’t really been super active in the gym, I have been active on my Spotify!

I created the perfect workout mix called - Sweat Machine, which includes songs that will help push you and get you HYPED for your daily workout.

I also created 2 other yoga mixes which I have been listening to non-stop off the mat as well called Arizona Fire and Growth & Challenge.


I make new playlists all the time! It is legit one of my fav things to do so follow me and stay up to date on my new ones! If you have any favorite songs that you want me to add to a certain playlist, let me know!

You can get the direct link to my Spotify here or click the links on the playlists above to hear those specific ones! Enjoy!

Photos by: A Brillant Photo

Outfit details: ** a lot of the things I’m wearing are sold out but I linked them in different colors!!