Sunless Tanner for Pale Skin Tones


You may not have noticed but I am pretty fair skinned. haha! I have a zillion freckles which I wish I could smear around to have an even tan but alas, I will have to settle for sunless tanner instead.

When I was growing up, the cool thing to do was go to the tanning bed. So I did, almost every other day. My skin tone does not allow me to tan - just burn. After almost a year or so of repeated tanning bed exposure, I moved to Florida for college and learned that actual sun exposure was just, if not worse, for my skin.

About sophomore year I decided I needed to wear SPF 50 every day. Once I made the wise decision to take and protect my skin, I missed that golden glow of a tan.

After years of sunless tanning and multitudes of products, I gave up the hope I would ever find a healthy, or proper color sunless tanner for my skin.

Fast forward to now!

Upon moving back to Colorado, my skin is so pale during winter, it could blind anyone who glances upon me.

I bought a couple of products this month wanting to try them out and tell you about them! As well as, show you my tips and tricks to getting the most natural looking tan.

sunless tanner for pale skin tones

1. St Tropez Express Tan

Pros: The kit includes a tanning face mask, a mitt and the tanning mousse. I like that you can see the color going on, that way you don’t miss any spots. The directions say you are supposed to wait an hour for a light tan, 2 hours for a dark tan. I waited an hour and a half before showering off and the color was fully set in about 4 hours later. I had never tried this brand before but I heard great things about it and I would say it lived up to it!

Cons: The color lasted about 2 days before it faded out.

2. Golden Beauty Sunless Tanner

Pros: I was approached by Golden Beauty to try out their vegan and cruelty free sunless tanner for body and face. I love that their product is healthy seeing as it soaks right into the skin. The box that the products came in provided an instruction guide as well as latex gloves for easy application. The best part about this product is that you don’t have to wash it off. So often I found myself stuck at home for half a day waiting take a second shower. The color developed overnight and didn’t come off on my white sheets at all! The face tanner was a separate product from the body which is great for future use, because with all the products I use on my face daily, I find the color comes off so much quicker.

Cons: The color was a tiny bit orange for my skin tone, but it might have been because I didn’t use a tanning mitt.

3. Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Water

Pros: I bought the Light spray and I loved it! Isle of Paradise is new company that has gained major popularity. Similar to Golden Beauty, this product is vegan, cruelty free and organic. The reason why this company is different than most is because the founder adds color correcting ingredients to each level of tan to make any skin tone look natural and amazing! This color sets on its own after 3 hours and the hue is subtle like I sat outside for a couple hours.

Cons: You can’t see where the color is going as you spray and rub it in.

sunless tanner

Tips and Tricks for applying…

Sunless Tanning application can be super tricky if you are new to it. Here are some things that I have found are no-fail’s!

-Make sureeee you exfoliate and shave beforehand.

-Use a tiny bit of lotion on your hands, feet and elbows before you tan.

-If you have a tanning mitt, use that and make big circles making sure to cover every area.

-For your hands I suggest getting an old makeup brush and using that to lightly brush your hands and feet with the tanning product.

- Wait about 5-10 minutes before putting on any clothes and if possible, wear all black just in case the color isn’t entirely set.

I hope you enjoyed! Remember that each product is different for every skin tone and application can differ the result based on how you prep. Below are the products that I mentioned or you can click the names of the brands above to directly link you!