Workout Gear Refresh With Yandy

I have a lot of workout clothes but I find I am always reaching for the same ones over and over. This, along with teaching yoga full time, leads me to having 2 PACKED drawers of leggings, sports bras and tops. Knowing that I am a yoga clothes hoarder makes me very particular about what I wear on the mat.


You guys remember when I worked with Yandy before and I fell in love with their affordable and buttery soft yet sexy workout gear. I was excited to team up again and show you some of their new stuff that is just as comfy and cute and not see through!

One of my BIGGEST fears is having see through pants when teaching yoga. Bending or twisting to show my students a pose and flashing the undies makes me break out in a nervous sweat. So the first thing I do when buying leggies is —- squats haha! These pants have a magic white barrier so you won’t flash the crowd when in downward facing dog.


Another pet peeve and one that I see when teaching yoga, is too tight or too loose of a shirt. Sometimes people look so uncomfortable in their outfits I can feel their pain from the front of the room. People, me included get so distracted by their clothes that they tend to forget why they are doing yoga to begin with. After a battle of the “cute but too tight of shirt to breathe” and “the loose shirt that blocks my vision completely” I decided I was done. The clothing I reach for over and over is my Yandy athletic wear. Soft enough to make me forget I’m wearing it but just that perfect fit to not focus on it during my practice.

In my latest haul from them I got:

This set - The tee is breathable and the perfect amount of loose-ness while the pants are thin (perfect for hot yoga) but NOT see through (praise!)


I also got another one of my FAVORITE tanks everrrrrr. Literally I’m wearing it right now to work in. You need this shirt in every color - you. need. it.


I recently had to say goodbye to some mesh leggings because I spilled bleach on them and so this mesh leggie and jacket top were perfect to add back into my collection.


This bright bra is supportive for my weekly runs and doesn’t cut me in all the wrong places like a lot of stringy workout bras do.


Finally, the jumper. No words need to be said really because it is as amazing as you think it is.


Yandy might be known for its sexy lady lingerie or Halloween outfits (is there a sexy pregnant halloween outfit?) and even Plus sized sexy wear but their athletic wear always impresses me. Get yourself some of their buttery basics and you won’t regret it!

Yandy gave me a 20% off discount code! It’s: the_frecklespot20

Thanks again to Yandy who partnered with me on this post and fills my closet with the best workout clothes!