We're Having A Baby!

It’s so weird to even type that! Will and I are still in shock and it has been 6 weeks since we found out!

While many of you follow me on instagram and saw a couple videos I shared about how we found out, I’ll tell you in more detail here.


I was about to leave for almost 2 weeks of back to back traveling, and while packing my makeup, by habit I grabbed a few tampons. When I did, I tried to think about the last time I had been on my cycle. I keep a very precise cycle counter calendar on my phone and when I checked it, it said I was 5 days late.

I wasn’t too shocked becuase I had been working out and teaching like a crazy person and was stressed about the skin cancer scare / surgery I had just had. I chalked it up to all that but for some reason later in the day I bought a pregnancy test and took it. I completely forgot I had taken it as I continued to pack for my trip and when I remembered I lazily walked back into the bathroom to a PREGNANT test.


I started laughing nonstop and was saying, this is a joke, this has to be a joke. So, I took the other test and it too said, pregnant. At this point I don’t remember what took over me but I ran to Target to get more tests, baby shoes and baked pastry buns to make a fun surprise way to tell Will in case this was true.

Having purchased all of those things, raced back to the house to take one more test before I had to go to an event. Another preggo result and I left the house in full on panic mode. I think my mind finally caught up with my body and I was so aware of how tired and sickly I had been feeling the past couple days. Between that and the nerves I was as pale as a sheet and could barely stand at my friends Womens Event. I left early and got home to surprise Will.

Keep in mind, we were NOT trying. We had always put off having kids for years and weren’t even sure if we wanted them or could have them at my ripe old age of 31. I convinced Will to take out the dogs to go to the bathroom and I put the bun in the oven with a sign that said, “Bun in the oven… get it?” and put all my positive pregnancy tests on the table under my coat.


I told him that I had gotten him a really cool dessert that I popped in the oven and that he should check out. So when he opened the oven and pulled out the bun and saw the note, he freaked out!!

He has been on cloud 9 since haha! It’s been so cute. And also a good balance for me who has been a slight wreck.

With a new person coming into our lives, we have been trying to do the impossible of: managing our finances, looking for a bigger place and getting a new car. Stress doesn’t seem to cover it but this lil babe had a will to live. I was not supposed to be fertile or even ovulating at the time I got pregnant and despite two camping trips full of beers (sorry!!!) and over the top physical exercise on my end, this babe was meant to be in our lives.

The past 10 weeks have been a whirlwind of emotions and I am so thankful for all of it. From the thrill of telling friends and family, to even all my time tossing my cookies in various bathroom locations, I have learned so much about my body and also my test of willpower. I have also had to learn to slowww the effff down - which is not and has not been easy for me.


Despite even today’s tears, over missing NYFW and being utterly exhausted from opening the front door for our furniture guy, I am grateful. We have had one baby appointment so far where we got to see a healthy and on track baby who has a fast and hearty heartbeat. Our next appointment is in 3 weeks and we get to get a better look at this kid and figure out the sex!

I have found so much great info on pregnancy and wanted to document my experience and what has been working for me. While I have no intention of becoming a mommy blog or even a mom focused blog, I do want to continue to share the highs and lows of life and stay real with you guys! Thats what I love about The Freckle Spot, a safe haven to share experiences and have everyone feel like they learned something and left happier.

So I hope you stay with me (even though I have lost over 200 followers since announcing…bye?) and join me in this slightly new chapter of my life!!