Local Eats: Ace Eat Serve

This post kicks off a new section of the blog dedicated to all things local eats! I felt so connected to West Palm Beach when we lived there and I was honestly scared of not having that same connection here in Denver. After a year and a month of living here, I can very easily say that I feel something INTENSE for the city of Denver. The food, the culture, just everything has this incredible love put in it.

So, I’m excited that my first place that I’m reviewing and sharing with you is Ace Eat Serve. I came here early on in my Denver life and it has held a special place in my heart ever since.

Last month I went here to check out their new outdoor space and refreshed Sunday Funday!

I’ll be honest with you guys, I was right in the beginning stages of morning sickness and I was so nervous that any smells or tastes might have sent me over the edge. But as soon as my hubby and I walked into the restaurant, the chill and fun vibes took over. The sounds of people playing ping pong in the side room, the kitchen pumping out smells of rich and spicy flavors, and the soft music coming from the patio was the perfect way to end my weekend.

ace eat sere

We tasted almost everything on the Sunday Funday Happy Hour menu and you guys, their food is amazing but the sauce that they paired these dishes with, were OUT OF THIS WORLD. The mixture of sweet and savory complimented the bite sized Asian Fusion cuisine perfectly. So delish infant that Will and I had a hard time deciding who got the last gyoza haha!

The staff was so accommodating of my pregnancy and made me a delicious citrus cocktail, while crafting Will a tasty signature slushy drank.

local eats

We got a seat that made people watching easy and the tunes of the DJ set the tone magically for the evening. One of my biggest pet peeves is when the music is too loud and you can’t think but this DJ had some SKILLZ and the volume and selection was great.

The weather was perfectly cool but I noticed they had heat lamps set up to take the vibe into fall and winter.

ace eat serve

After we were stuffed like pigs on ramen, apps and drinks, they brought out Ace’s ice cream and I died. THIS ICE CREAMMMM tasted just like a Wendys frosty and made my pregnant heart soar! Will got maybe a bite and that was all I let him have.

All of that to say, if you haven’t been to Ace Eat Serve in a while, you need to get here. They have lots of deals and I have never had anything but exemplary tasting bites here.