Easy & Stress-Free Mornings with Olay

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You guys know I am a morning person! Mainly because of the steps I take to make sure that I am fully prepared for the day.

My morning routine hasn’t changed much since becoming pregnant and that consistency has saved my life! For me, having an easy and stress free routine in the A.M. lets me set the tone for the rest of day.


After waking up and getting dressed, I make my coffee or matcha and sit down to meditate. 5-10 minutes of breathing, listening to calming music or writing down my thoughts helps get me grounded. Next, I grab my Olay Regenerist Whip Face Moisturizer SPF 25. I don’t mess around with dry skin or the sun anymore after my recent skin cancer scare. I want my face to be soft and supple but also protected against those harmful sun rays. And with two steps in one product, it gets me out the door quicker!

IMG_4982 2.JPG
IMG_4983 2.JPG

I love a good moisturizer with SPF but I’ll be real with you, I have tried some that were too oily and heavy in zinc. The thing I really appreciate about this Olay Red Jar product is that it is light, airy and super hydrating. This Olay Whip soaks in your skin almost instantly, leaving your skin primed for a full face of makeup or just a quick swipe of mascara! This baby is good for all skin types and since its Olay, you know this is a tried and true quality product. I’m pretty sure even my mom had a version of this red jar on her makeup dresser when I was growing up!

So yeah, just a couple simple steps and voila! Morning started slow but prepared - and I love that!


Not only the daytime should get your dedication, having a calming and restful nighttime routine is also important! I love to really treat myself before hopping into bed. Gimme all the night creams, collagen boosts, lip serums and essential oils haha!

I have another Red Jar product that I’ve been using and loving - the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream.


I got the fragrance-free version, as I am trying to eliminate fragrances from my beauty regimen. What I love about this product is that it is all about anti-aging and telling wrinkles, Byeee Feliciaaaa, from the first time you use it. It has hyaluronic acid and amino peptides in it, which is just fancy talk for keeping your face plump, moisturized and young looking.

After I am thoroughly moisturized head to toe, I like to pull out my jade roller out of the fridge and roll in the products I’ve used. This very relaxing step massages the moisture deep into my skin for extra goodness. Once I hit the button for my eucalyptus diffuser, I am finally ready for bed and am confident that when I wake up, I will be ready to tackle anything.

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What is your daytime/nighttime schedule? Do you have a product or two that makes you feel confident in taking on the day?

I truly adore Olay’s products and these two are no exception! Who doesn’t love an amazing, affordable skincare product, that also packs a punch?! Go and try them for yourself and let me know what you think! Click here to shop!